Celebrate 35 years with us!

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Brookes celebrates 35 years!

In 2013 Brookes turned 35, and you helped make it  memorable! We shared more than ever about the Brookes employees who help bring our books from proposal to print. We heard your own goals and dreams for the future. We even gave you a chance to save with special discounts and library giveaways.

If you missed the celebration, here’s a look back:

35 Good Deeds in Baltimore

Explore our “good deeds” photo album, and see how our employees gave back to the community throughout the year.

35 things you didn’t know about Brookes

Though we’ve wrapped up the festivities, there’s still plenty of fun to be had on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Connect with us for information, downloads, freebies, and peeks at life inside Brookes.

What inspires you to change the world?

We asked—and you gave us inspiring answers. Thanks for doing your part to change the world and help all people reach their potential! (If you missed the chance to write on our inspiration wall, you can still share your story on Facebook or Twitter.)

Brookes Top 10 Library giveaway

Congratulations to everyone who won a library of 10 Brookes books:

Jean Holland of Arkansas
Donald Galloway of Indiana
Lindsey Wakefield of Utah
Dawn Davis of South Dakota
Jeffrey Ketts of Florida
Mark Kirshbaum of South Dakota
Barbara Tripp of Pennsylvania
Richard Fedner of Florida
Ashlea Harvey of Texas

Thank you for celebrating 35 years with us!