Inspiration wall

Below you will find the answers to the question “what inspires you to change the world?”. Please submit your own response in addition to reading through those below.


Paula Kluth took a moment to tell us what inspires her to change the world.


There are many things that I get tiny little bursts of inspiration from, but I am most inspired by the faces of small children who have everything great in front of them. They come to school for the first time and they are just ready to take in bits and pieces of all that is around them. I love their curiosity. I love their innocence. I love their belief that everything is great in the world. Sometimes when I look at them, I believe it myself…and I just want to tell each and every one of them, “I believe in you!”

—Erika Goldsborough


We never stop envisioning a world where no kid slips through the cracks, and every delay or disability is caught as early as possible. That’s what keeps us going as we work to improve and expand our developmental screening program.”

—John Smith, Administrator


“The young people I work with inspire me. I want every one of them to graduate ready for college and a career, and I ask myself every day how I can help them get there.”

—Jane Wilson, Transition Specialist


As a parent, I’ve seen firsthand what a school can do to help or hinder the progress of a child with disabilities. That inspired me to start a blog! Now I have a way to share what I’ve learned with other parents, so together we can keep working for positive change and greater inclusion in our schools.”

—Kathy Martin, parent of a son with autism


“The kids I teach always inspire me to do my best and keep testing new strategies. When something really works and I see a struggling student ‘get it,’ there’s no better feeling.”

—Mark Jones, elementary school teacher