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We accept permission requests for limited reuse of our copyrighted material. To make a request, please fill out our Permission Request Form below. If you prefer, you can print the form and fax it to 443-279-0976 or mail it to:

Rights & Permissions Coordinator
Brookes Publishing
P.O. Box 10624
Baltimore, MD 21285-0624

Before you submit a request, please note the following:

  • Be sure the material belongs to Brookes. If the material is credited to another source, please direct your request to the other party.
  • Permission is granted on a non-exclusive, one-time-use only basis.
  • Fees are determined by the type of request and the amount of material requested.
  • Requests typically take a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to process. Please do not contact us to follow up unless it’s been at least 8 weeks since you submitted your request. (After 8 weeks, you can fax a note to 443-279-0976 or email

After our Permissions Department reviews your request, you’ll be faxed or mailed a permission agreement detailing any fees or other conditions of use. (Permission is not granted via email or telephone.) If a fee has been assessed, full payment is due on or before publication or use. Please make your check payable to Brookes Publishing and send it to the address listed above. Your payment should reference your permission invoice/tracking number or be accompanied by a copy of your permission agreement.

Permissions Request Form

1. What Brookes Publishing material are you requesting permission to use?
  1. (required)
  2. (required)
  3. (required)
  4. Examples: "Figure 19: Cumulative number of words addressed to the child" or "Introducing the Idea of a Word" activity pr "Chapter 6: Premature and Small-for-Dates Infants" or "Guidelines for Working with an Interpreter" from Chapter 3.
2. Have you previously received permission from Brookes to use this material?
  1. If no invoice or tracking number is indicated, please provide a copy of the previous permission letter.
3. Will this material be
4. How will this material be used?
5a. If the material will appear in a book or journal, please complete the following:
  1. Binding
5b. If the material will be reprinted in a coursepack, please submit your request to Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) at
  1. Please complete the following only if the material is not available via CCC. Requests for material available through CCC will be returned to you.
5c. If the material will be reprinted as a handout for a conference, seminar, or training, please complete the following:
  1. (If your handout will also be posted on a website, please also complete 5d.)
5d. If the material will be posted on a website, please complete the following:
  1. Is the website password protected?
5e. If you selected "other" above, please provide us with a description of how the material will be used.
6. Please provide us with your contact information so that we can send you a response.
  1. Those outside the U.S., please make sure to include your country and city codes when providing us with contact numbers.
  2. (required)
  3. (required)
  4. (valid email required)
7. Additional information or comments about your request
  1. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your permission request to be processed.

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