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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Series

Series Editors: Janice Light & David R. Beukelman

The Brookes Transition to Adulthood Series

Series Editor: Paul Wehman

Communication and Language Intervention Series

Series Editors: Marc E. Fey & Alan Kamhi

The Extraordinary Brain Series

The Dyslexia Foundation

The Inclusive School Practices Series

Series Editor: Julie Causton

International Issues in Early Intervention Series

Series Editor: Michael J. Guralnick

National Center for Early Development and Learning Series

Series Editor: Donald B. Bailey, Jr.

National Center for Research on Early Childhood Education

Series Editors: Robert C. Pianta & Carollee Howes


Series Editor: Glen Dunlap, Ph.D.

The Strong Kids Curricula

Series Editor: Kenneth W. Merrell

Systems of Care for Children’s Mental Health Series

Series Editors: Beth A. Stroul & Robert M. Friedman

Teachers’ Guides to Inclusive Practices

Series Editors: Martha E. Snell & Rachel Janney