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International Society on Early Intervention Series logoAround the world, too many young children experience developmental and health problems due to poverty, prematurity, low birthweight, infectious diseases, exposure to toxic substances, and other risk factors. Children with established disabilities, such as an autism spectrum disorder, motor disability, communication and language problem, behavior disorder, or hearing and vision impairments, also need early and swift support. For all of these children and their families, co-occurring environmental threats or limited caregiving abilities often further compromise growth and development. The International Society on Early Intervention (ISEI), in collaboration with Brookes Publishing, is pooling contributions of specialists from many disciplines and countries to more effectively prevent or minimize the impact of these risk factors on children’s lives. Each book will help to advance the practice of early intervention. Each book will provide a forum for sharing information from an often-preached but seldom-achieved global advantage. Peer-reviewed, supported by a biomedical and behavioral foundation, and designed for making the transition from research to practice, each book will become a resource that you’ll find on your desk more often than your bookshelf.

Watch this page for announcements about upcoming titles. Visit ISEI’s web site for information on joining the society and submitting book proposals for the series.

Series Editor: Michael J. Guralnick