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Dyslexia and Neuroscience Unraveling Reading Comprehension: Behavioral, Neurobiological, and Genetic Components
 Advances in Reading Intervention


The Extraordinary Brain Series logoIn 1987, top dyslexia researchers convened to present and discuss ideas and brainstorm solutions related to dyslexia. The Dyslexia Foundation was formed in 1989 and, in 1990, sponsored a second symposium—and the Extraordinary Brain Series was born.

The volumes in the series encapsulate the topics discussed in each year’s symposium. They are designed to make accessible the current thinking of scholars across disciplines as they tackle various aspects of the behavior, neurobiology, and genetics of dyslexia.

Brookes is proud to be a publisher of the latest volumes in the series.

The Dyslexia Foundation logoThis series is sponsored by The Dyslexia Foundation.