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Interested in integrating one of our e-books into your college or university’s learning management system?

Contact our Textbook Sales Manager, Paul Kelly at pkelly@brookespublishing.com.

Some of our bestselling textbooks and practical how-to guides are now available as convenient e-books that let you:

  • search the whole text and find what you need in seconds
  • easily highlight and annotate your book
  • adjust your text size
  • keep your books handy on one tablet or laptop for easy reference

You can find these books in our online store or through your favorite retail or library reseller. Be sure to check back frequently, as we add new titles often!

For more information, please follow our detailed download instructions and see our e-book FAQs below.

E-book FAQs

What is an e-book?

An e-book is a book delivered as an electronic file. E-books can be read on smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, or dedicated e-book devices (called e-readers). Once e-books are purchased, they can be downloaded immediately, providing consumers quick and easy access to their favorite titles.

What’s so great about e-books?

E-books are a fast and convenient way to buy, read, and store books. They can be downloaded quickly and easily and many e-books can be stored and carried on a single small device. Some e-books are also interactive, allowing you to search for text. They can also have enhanced features and additional content.

Where can I purchase Brookes e-books?

Our e-books are available for sale or rental through your favorite retail or library reseller.

What software or hardware do I need to read Brookes e-books?

For your computer:
To download and read Brookes Publishing e-books, all you need is a computer and our recommended reader software Adobe Digital Editions (available at no cost). Before purchasing or downloading an e-book through the Brookes Publishing website, be sure to download Adobe Digital Editions and create an account.

For your device:
If you’re interested in reading our e-books on a device other than your computer, you will need to download reader software to that device. Here is a list of software that supports the file format provided by Brookes Publishing.

What formats are available for your e-books?

E-books purchased through the Brookes Publishing website will be delivered in ACSM file format, which will be either an EPUB for PDF file with digital rights management (DRM) applied.

What is digital rights management (DRM)?

DRM allows publishers to set limits on the usage of e-books to prevent misuse. Brookes Publishing does not limit copying and pasting or printing of e-books for our customers.

Can I download my e-book to multiple devices?

Yes, but you can download your e-book no more than 5 times, and to no more than 5 devices. We set this limit to protect our copyrights and prevent misuse of our e-book files.

Can I print or share an e-book?

Yes and no. You may print the entirety of your e-book once you’ve purchased it. However, in an effort to protect copyrights in the digital environment, DRM is applied to our e-book files so that they cannot be shared.

Can I buy more than one copy of an e-book?

No, not at this time—but you don’t have to buy more than one copy to read your e-book on multiple devices. For your convenience, our guidelines let you load your personal copy on up to 5 devices. If multiple people in your organization require the e-book, they’ll need to purchase their own copies.

Once I have purchased my e-book, will it always be available?

Yes. Once you have purchased the e-book, it is yours. Because your download link will be stored in your account on our website, we strongly encourage you to create an account before you purchase your e-book. If you need to access the file after the initial download, it will be stored in your account and will be accessible there at any time by logging in with your username and password.

I already have a Brookes website account. Will my e-book purchases appear next to my print purchases?

Yes, if you already have a Brookes Publishing account, it will store all of your purchase history as well as your download links for your e-book purchases.

How do I download my e-book?

Can I read on a Kindle?

E-books purchased directly through the Brookes Publishing website are not compatible with Kindle as Amazon uses a proprietary e-book format. In order to read a Brookes book on a Kindle, you will need to purchase them through Amazon directly.

Can I read e-books on iPhone or iPad?

Yes. Please see our detailed download instructions.

What tax do I pay?

Most states do not require taxes to be paid on electronic purchases; however, the state of Washington does. If you live in the state of Washington, you will pay taxes on your electronic purchases through the Brookes Publishing website. This tax will appear at checkout.

What if I am tax exempt?

If you are tax exempt, please follow the same instructions for print books, located here.

Can I borrow your e-books from the library?

Yes. Our e-books are available through your favorite library reseller.

Can I order e-book examination copies?

Not yet, but we’re working to make e-book exam copies available.

Why does my e-book have fewer pages than advertised?

The page count listed on the Brookes website indicates the number of pages in the print book. EPUB files are designed with reflowable content, which means that there aren’t fixed page numbers. The content fits into each device individually and the page numbers adjust accordingly. There will be variation from device to device. PDF files will follow the same page structure and page count as their print counterparts. However, regardless of the page count, you can rest assured that the same content will be delivered to you via your EPUB format.

How long will it take to download an e-book?

The download time depends on the size of the e-book you order and the speed of your internet connection. Download times will be greater for enhanced e-books, which contain additional features such as video.

Can I order e-books by phone?

Because e-books are digital products, they can only be ordered online.

Do I have to pay delivery charges for e-books?

There are no delivery charges for e-books through the Brookes Publishing website.

What is the return policy for e-books?

Brookes Publishing does not accept returns or exchanges on e-books.

How do I get help if I have a problem?

If our detailed download instructions and FAQs did not help you resolve an issue you are having, please contact our customer service department for assistance.