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Practical tips for better IEP goals and data collection

When you’re working with students who have IEPs, it’s important to write specific and measurable IEP goals, collect good data, and keep the data organized. This blog post gives you some tips you can use to improve your IEP process.

Baby babbles

This excerpt from Talk to Me, Baby!: How You Can Support Young Children’s Language Development, Second Edition gives tips and insights on how to encourage babies’ language development.

Tips and hints to support regulation

Often times, young children with autism experience difficulties with regulation. Use the tips presented on this handout to help address regulatory challenges associated with common routines such as bedtime and playtime.

7 ways to foster self-esteem and resilience in all learners

When you reinforce self-esteem and resilience in your students, you equip them with critical skills they need to succeed socially and academically. This blog post provides seven key strategies you can use to develop these key strengths in learners with and without disabilities and build a more positive classroom climate.