ASQ Online Options

Which online solution is best for your program?

Ensure accurate implementation with your choice of web-based options

Make the most of your time and your screening dollars with user-friendly options for data management and online questionnaire completion. You’ll slash your paperwork time through streamlined data management processes, eliminate the cost of photocopying and mailing questionnaires, and ensure accuracy with automated scoring and questionnaire selection.

Whether you’re a home visitor, educator, pediatrician, or other early childhood professional, there’s a web-based or other ASQ solution that will help your program save time and ensure accurate ASQ implementation:

ASQ Online. Manage your screening program with the user-friendly systems ASQ Pro (for single-site programs and practices) and ASQ Enterprise (for multi-site programs), complete with automated scoring, easy report generation, and more. And to give parents a secure option for online questionnaire completion, add ASQ Family Access to your Pro or Enterprise account.

ASQ-PTI. Pediatricians: Now both ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 are part of Patient Tools® (PTI), an electronic patient interview system that makes it easy for parents to complete automated online questionnaires prior to the visit (online from home) or in pediatric office via a computer or tablet. Find out more about ASQ-PTI.

CHADIS®. ASQ-3 is now offered on and delivered through CHADIS®, the Child Health and Development Interactive System, a comprehensive web-based screening, diagnosis, and management system that administers and analyzes pre-visit, online questionnaires. CHADIS® offers convenient web-based ASQ questionnaire completion, automatic questionnaire scoring, report generation, and more. Find out more about CHADIS®.

Get an inside look at online data management with these short clips: Your inside look at the ASQ Online System and How to score a questionnaire.