ASQ Pro and ASQ Enterprise

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ASQ Enterprise
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With these user-friendly systems—ASQ Pro for single-site programs and ASQ Enterprise for multisite programs—it’s never been easier to organize your screening program and manage all of your English and Spanish ASQ data. Both systems help you

  • create and manage child and program records
  • select the right questionnaire every time with automated questionnaire selection
  • eliminate scoring errors and improve over- and underreferral rates
  • store results and follow-up decisions in child records
  • easily track when children need to be screened again
  • analyze results with child and program reports
  • quickly access activities parents can try at home to encourage child progress
  • generate aggregate reports that show trends across multiple screening programs (ASQ Enterprise only).

Get an inside look at online data management with these short clips! Your inside look at the ASQ Online System and How to score a questionnaire.

Make a seamless transition to ASQ Pro or ASQ Enterprise—get FREE email tech support and three months of FREE tech support by telephone (toll-free; telephone support available to U.S. customers only).

Head Start Programs: ASQ Online is a data exchange partner with, the nation’s premier Head Start software chosen by over 1,100 agencies. Save time and avoid data entry errors by importing your child’s data from into ASQ Online.

ASQ Online API Beta

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With ASQ Online API Beta, you can now transfer screening data—plus child and caregiver profile information—from ASQ Online to another database system, such as an electronic health record (EHR).

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