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ASQ-3 is available through CHADIS by subscription

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How can pediatric practices streamline their workflow?

With CHADIS®, managing a comprehensive screening program is easy

CHADIS logoASQ-3™ is now offered on CHADIS®, the Child Health and Development Interactive System, a comprehensive web-based screening, diagnosis, and management system that administers and analyzes pre-visit, online questionnaires.

Through CHADIS, parents can complete ASQ-3 on a computer, touch screen tablet, or smart phone anywhere Internet is available. CHADIS helps pediatric practices streamline developmental screening and address parents’ concerns about their child’s development with many useful features:

  • convenient web-based questionnaire completion
  • questionnaires in both English and Spanish
  • automatic questionnaire delivery, scoring, and report generation
  • graphic displays showing a child’s screening results over time
  • links to decision support information to aid you with next steps after screening
  • online consent capabilities so parents can easily agree to share results instantly and securely with other supporting professionals
  • support for billing of insurance payment for developmental screening

In addition to ASQ-3, CHADIS automatically delivers, scores, tabulates, and supports more than 50 screening tools, including M-CHAT & Follow-up™, PSC, Vanderbilt Parent & Teacher, EPSDT, PHQ-A, Edinburgh & CRAFFT®, and ProPHDS®.