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The accurate, reliable way to assess teacher–child interactions

For programs serving children from 15–36 months

Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ (CLASS™)With this toddler version of the widely used Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS™) tool, your early childhood program will have an accurate, reliable way to assess classrooms. For use with children from 15–36 months, the CLASS Toddler tool assesses teacher–child interactions, a primary ingredient of early educational experiences that prepare children for future school success.

This reliable and valid tool:

  • assesses two crucial domains of teacher–child interaction: Emotional and Behavioral Support and Engaged Support for Learning
  • provides developmentally appropriate descriptions of what effective interactions look like in toddler classrooms
  • establishes an accurate picture of classroom interactions through brief, repeated observation and scoring cycles
  • highlights areas of strength and areas for growth useful for guiding improvement efforts

The CLASS Toddler dimensions

The CLASS Toddler tool measures eight critical dimensions that fall under two domains:

Emotional and behavioral support

  • positive climate
  • negative climate
  • teacher sensitivity
  • regard for child perspectives
  • behavior guidance

Engaged support for learning

  • facilitation of learning and development
  • quality of feedback
  • language modeling

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Reliable use of the CLASS tool requires training. The two-day CLASS™ Observation Training prepares observers to use the measure accurately and culminates with a test and one-year CLASS observer certification. For more information on recommended training, availability, and scheduling, please visit the Teachstone website.