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CSBS DP Infant-Toddler Checklist

Infant-Toddler Checklist and Easy-Score CD-ROM
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*The Infant-Toddler Checklist is copyrighted by Brookes Publishing but is available for download for free. Contact rights@brookespublishing.com for information on reprinting or reposting.

Download the Infant-Toddler Checklist for free

The ITC can be used independently or with the other components of the CSBS DP™

CSBS DP logoThe CSBS DP™ Infant-Toddler Checklist is the first step in routine screening to see if a developmental evaluation is needed. Rather than waiting to refer a child who is not yet talking for evaluation, the ITC enables you to take an early look at a collection of 7 key predictors of later language delays.

A study in The Journal of Pediatrics (“Detecting, Studying, and Treating Autism Early: The One-Year Well-Baby Check-up Approach“) found that using the CSBS DP Infant-Toddler Checklist as a screening tool at children’s 1-year check-up was a promising way for health care professionals to identify children in need of further evaluation for autism and other developmental delays.

Score the checklist quickly and accurately

The most efficient manner of scoring and interpreting the checklist is to use the CSBS DP Infant-Toddler Checklist and Easy-Score CD-ROM. Simply input basic child data and select responses to the 24 checklist questions. The program calculates the child’s chronological age and tallies the scores derived from the norms reported in the CSBS DP Manual. It also includes a report letter for you to give families that summarizes the screening results and comments on future action as appropriate.