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The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™), Research Edition
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How well is your early childhood program implementing quality inclusive practices?

the Inclusive Classroom Profile - ICP™

Now there’s a comprehensive, field-tested observational tool that uncovers the answers. A one-of-a-kind tool for classrooms serving children ages 2–5, the Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™) assesses 12 key practices with the strongest research base for supporting the education and development of young children in inclusive programs:

  • Adaptations of Space, Materials, and Equipment
  • Adult Involvement in Peer Interactions
  • Adults’ Guidance of Children’s Free-Choice Activities and Play
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Membership
  • Relationships between Adults and Children
  • Support for Communication
  • Adaptation of Group Activities
  • Transitions between Activities
  • Feedback
  • Family-Professional Partnerships
  • Monitoring Children’s Learning


The in-depth ICP evaluation process gives you the rich information and insights you need to:

  • assess your program’s current inclusive practices
  • establish a baseline for measuring future progress
  • apply recommended inclusive practices for young children
  • guide quality improvement efforts by linking assessment data with instructional decision-making
  • tailor professional development to teachers’ specific needs

The ICP is also a perfect companion to popular early childhood inclusion guides like Building Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs. Determine your strengths and needs with the ICP, and then find effective inclusion strategies in Building Blocks.

Download a quick summary of ICP in this ICP At-A-Glance sheet.

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How it works

For accurate results, the ICP is conducted by a trained outside observer, such as a technical assistance professional or administrator. The observer conducts the three parts of the ICP: a classroom observation scheduled during everyday routines; a face-to-face interview with the teacher; and a documentation review of the program’s policies, screeners and assessments, and child intervention plans. Comprehensive assessment with ICP takes about 3½ hours, plus 20 minutes to score.







At a Glance

What is it?

An observational tool that assesses the quality of inclusive practices in early childhood settings

What does it assess?

The quality of 12 daily classroom practices that support the developmental needs of children with disabilities in early childhood settings

What age range does it cover?

Programs serving children from ages 2 to 5

Where is it used?

Various inclusive early childhood programs, including child care, public preschool, private programs, and Head Start classrooms

Who conducts it?

Early childhood special educators, professional development providers, and program administrators

How long does it take?

Comprehensive assessment with ICP takes approximately 3½ hours, plus 20 minutes to score

Number of items

12 items assessed on a 7-point Likert scale (each item has 9-12 indicators, for total of 135 indicators)


Training is strongly recommended for reliable, accurate use of the ICP. Available through the FPG Child Development Institute, the current training program includes a face-to-face overview of the ICP administration and scoring procedures and 3-4 live classroom observations with an ICP-qualified trainer to help users meet reliability proficiency.