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Assess children’s skills after brain injury

Get them ready for a successful return to the classroom

PTBI logoDesigned for use with children ages 6–16 recovering from brain injury, the Pediatric Test of Brain Injury™ (PTBI™) is the only criterion-referenced, standardized test that assesses the skills children need to return to school and function in the general education curriculum. Rigorously tested using cutting-edge item response theory (IRT) analysis, traditional test development methods, and field testing at trauma and rehab centers and clinics, PTBI helps speech-language pathologists and other clinicians

  • determine children’s neurocognitive, language, and literacy abilities
  • identify strengths and weaknesses
  • target effective interventions
  • make sound decisions about school reintegration
  • monitor functional changes
  • track recovery patterns over time











At a glance

What is PTBI?

PTBI is a criterion-referenced, standardized test that assesses the neurocognitive, language, and literacy abilities of children ages 6–16 recovering from brain injury.

What does it assess?

PTBI consists of ten subtests that focus on areas critical to school success:

orientation tasks, following commands, word fluency, “what goes together,” digit span, naming, story retelling (immediate), yes/no/maybe, picture recall and signature, and story retelling (delayed).

What population does PTBI assess?

The tool is equally useful for assessing children with acquired or traumatic brain injury, in hospital, clinical, home, or school settings.

When should PTBI be administered?

PTBI is useful anytime during the recovery process, to assess abilities in the acute phases and to monitor progress on an ongoing basis.

Who administers PTBI?

Speech-language pathologists or other clinicians.

How long does it take?

PTBI is easy to complete in just 30 minutes, so it won’t overburden children likely to be fatigued or have attention issues.

Is it reliable and valid?

Yes. Using highly effective item response theory (IRT) methods and classical test theory techniques, the PTBI developers established item reliability and validity and eliminated any item-level bias. Complete technical data can be found in the Examiner’s Manual.