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Uncover the big picture of social-emotional development

Two reliable K–12 tools for screening school and home behaviors

Catching “red flag” behaviors early is an essential part of helping children and adolescents before social-emotional difficulties become major roadblocks to success in school and in life. These two easy, reliable screening tools give K–12 education professionals a comprehensive look at a child’s social-emotional strengths and risk behaviors, both in school (the School Social Behavior Scales, Second Edition) and at home and in the community (the Home & Community Social Behavior Scales).


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Used in tandem, these two tools are the perfect way to

  • get a complete, nuanced picture of a child’s behaviors, both positive and negative
  • identify children with challenging behaviors
  • target classroom interventions and develop IEPs
  • measure the effectiveness of interventions over time
  • remove barriers to learning and help children reach their goals
  • help families see where their children need the most support











At a glance

What are SSBS-2 and HCSBS?

Two K-12 rating scales that evaluate a child’s social-emotional strengths and risk behaviors at school, at home, and in the community.

Who completes them?

Teachers or other school personnel complete SSBS-2; a parent or other person who knows the child well completes HCSBS.

The rating scales for each tool typically can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Who scores them?

Both should be scored and interpreted by a professional with at least a basic understanding of educational and psychological testing; e.g., a psychologist, social worker, counselor, or SLP.

Are they standardized and norm-referenced?

Yes, both are standardized and norm-referenced. The norming sample included children from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of disabilities.

Are they reliable and valid?

Yes, both SSBS-2 and HCSBS are highly reliable and valid; technical data is included in the User’s Guides for each tool.

Are they available in other languages?

HCSBS is also available in Spanish to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking families.