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Play-based assessment & intervention

The natural, engaging way to improve outcomes for birth to six

The Transdisciplinary Play-Based System—made up of the Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, Second Edition (TPBA2) and the Transdisciplinary Play-Based Intervention, Second Edition (TPBI2)—is one of the most natural, easy-to-use assessment and intervention approaches for children birth to age 6. Trusted for more than 15 years, this popular, highly effective system helps you get accurate assessment results, develop customized play-based intervention plans, identify children’s service needs, and evaluate child progress.

The TPBA2 and TPBI2 system:

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  • helps children progress in four domains: sensorimotor, emotional and social, communication and language, and cognition
  • directly links assessment and intervention
  • is play-based and child-directed, so children are relaxed, engaged, and motivated
  • aligns with DEC and NAEYC guidelines
  • keeps parents involved
  • focuses on what children can do instead of what they can’t
  • helps you determine a child’s eligibility for services
  • includes helpful OSEP child outcomes crosswalk and calculator for assigning OSEP categories











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At a glance

What is TPBA2 and TPBI2?

Play-based, parent-friendly, and child-directed assessment and intervention system for young children

What age range does it cover?

Birth to six

What does it assess?

Four key developmental domains: sensorimotor, emotional and social, communication and language, and cognition

How long does assessment take?

60–90 minutes for a complete TPBA2 play session

Where is it conducted?

Assessment is conducted in the home or a play environment such as a playroom, playground, classroom, or child care setting.

Who conducts it?

Early childhood professionals, with parents closely involved as an integral part of the team. The TPBA2 team and the TPBI2 team can be the same or different, depending on the program’s structure for providing services.

How does the system link assessment with intervention?

Findings from the TPBA2 assessment are directly incorporated into the TPBI2 intervention process. The intervention team closely reviews findings from TPBA2 and uses these observations as a guide when choosing TPBI2 interventions that address specific areas of concern.