Webinar: Identify Dyslexia Using TILLS

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Original Broadcast: July 13, 2016


Nickola Nelson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Nickola Nelson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BCS-CL, TILLS Lead Developer

Participants will learn how to use an evidence-based assessment model and the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills (TILLS) to decide whether a school-age student’s (ages 6-18 yrs) TILLS profile is consistent with a diagnosis of dyslexia or is a better fit to other types of language/literacy disorder.

Phonological language features symptomatic of dyslexia are low scores on Phonological Awareness, Nonword Reading, and Nonword Spelling, Reading Fluency, and Written Expression-Word error scores. Nonphonological language symptoms include higher scores on Listening Comprehension than Reading Comprehension, suggesting that it is reading decoding and not language comprehension that is interfering with reading comprehension. Participants will learn how these and other recognizable subtypes can be differentially diagnosed based on approximately 90 min of comprehensive assessment using the TILLS. Case studies will be used to show symptom continua and how subtypes are rarely pure and often overlap.

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Based on attending this webinar, participants will be able to

  1. Describe patterns of phonological and nonphonological language skills that constitute a pattern of dyslexia.
  2. Discuss how dyslexia, specific language impairment, and specific comprehension deficit overlap, along with features that distinguish them.