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We offer customized Brookes On Location (BOL) seminars on today’s most trusted and widely used screening and assessment systems, including ASQ, AEPS, the Carolina Curriculum, and ELLCO.

To set up a BOL seminar tailored to your training needs, please fill out the online request form. Tell us

  • where and when you’d like to hold the seminar
  • how many people will attend, and
  • what you’d like to focus on.

We’ll share your request with the expert speakers and find a date that works for both of you.

Please note that we can’t guarantee a speaker’s availability on a specific date, so be sure to plan your seminar well in advance. The expert’s speaker fee will vary depending on the seminar subject and length and the number of participants. The total cost will include the speaker’s fee and travel expenses as well as handouts for the seminar participants.