ASQ-3™ and/or ASQ:SE-2™ Training of Trainers (TOT)

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About the seminar

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Seminar length: 2 tools, 3 days (three 6-hour days plus lunch and breaks); 1 tool, 2 days (two 6-hour days plus lunch and breaks)

Required materials: 1 ASQ-3 Starter Kit, 1 ASQ:SE-2 Starter Kit, 1 ASQ-3 Learning Activities, and 1 ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More  present at the training, plus 1 ASQ-3 Quick Start Guide per participant (sold in packs of 5) and 1 ASQ:SE-2 Quick Start Guide per participant (sold in packs of 5).

Number of participants: Up to 25

Seminar fee: 2 tools, 3 days: $5175; 1 tool, 2 days: $3500

Participant fee*: $150 per participant

Speakers: Full list of ASQ speakers

Speaker travel**: Speaker’s travel expenses are in addition to seminar & materials fees

(Please add an additional fee of $750.00 if BOL is required to review or complete documentation (e.g., terms and conditions, agreements, contracts, purchase order, vendor registration form, addendum, etc.) in addition to or in lieu of BOL’s standard training agreement.)

Prices may vary by location.

*The Participant Fee is a permission fee that allows the participant use of training materials received at the TOT seminar; this fee does not include actual product from Brookes. The speaker will provide training materials electronically to the organization who will be responsible for photocopying and distribution of training materials at the TOT.

**Speaker’s travel expenses are reimbursable to the speaker unless your organization and BOL have negotiated a “flat travel fee” for the speaker. Travel expenses will include transportation (including, but not limited to, airfare/car rental/cab fare/gas and mileage), lodging, meals, and related incidental expenses.

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The ASQ-3™ and ASQ:SE-2™ Training of Trainers (TOT) seminar is designed for intermediate to advanced participants who have experience using the screening tools and will be training staff within their organizations. All topics covered during the Comprehensive ASQ-3™ and/or ASQ:SE-2 Seminar will be covered in the TOT. Training considerations and tips are embedded throughout the TOT presentation (things to consider when facilitating a scoring exercise with a group).

In addition to participating in all training activities, TOT participants will have opportunities to integrate and practice presenting ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 content. Participants will have opportunities to discuss specific considerations for audiences they will be training (childcare providers, pediatricians) and begin planning for their own future training for their organization.

Electronic materials (many of which can be modified for future Introduction training seminars) will be provided on a thumb drive for all participants upon successful completion of the seminar.

To inquire about arranging an on-site ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 seminar, contact the BOL professional development coordinator at or 800-638-3775.