Using ASQ-3™ to Screen Young Children for Developmental Delays

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About the seminar

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Elizabeth Twombly, M.S.; Suzanne Yockelson, Ph.D.; Barbara Little, R.N., M.P.H; Jantina Clifford, Ph.D.; Jane Farrell, M.S.; LaWanda Potter, M.S.

Required book(s) or materials: At least 1 ASQ-3 Starter Kit for each office

Seminar length:
1 day or longer
(A 1-day overview of ASQ-3 is available for organizations considering this tool. No materials required.)

Number of participants:
10-30 (groups of up to 60 are permissible in some cases)

Who will benefit from this seminar:
Early intervention program staff, child development specialists, public health professionals, social workers, community service centers, outreach programs, state child find programs, and pediatricians

ASQ-3 logoGet start-to-finish guidance on using the new edition of the Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ) to screen infants and young children for delays during the crucial first 5 years of life. This seminar will familiarize users with many new features of ASQ-3™ that will enhance screening and monitoring efforts with young children.


You’ll come away knowing how to

  • make the most of ASQ-3, with exciting new features such as revised cutoffs, 2- and 9-month questionnaires, expanded administration windows, and sensitivity to autism
  • get started with ASQ-3: select the questionnaires, introduce the tools to parents, and use effective administration methods
  • score, interpret, and make referral decisions based on ASQ-3 results
  • communicate screening results sensitively to families
  • understand the role of parents in the ASQ-3 screening process, including the validity of parent report and factors that affect parents’ responses

Speaker Fees:

What do speaker fees include?

ASQ-3 Intro

  • 1 day: $2500

ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE Intro

  • 1 day: $2500
  • 2 days: $3500

ASQ-3 Training of Trainers (ToT)*

  • 1 day (ToT alone**): $2500***
  • 2 days (1 day ASQ-3 Intro and 1 day ToT): $3500***

ASQ-3 Training of Trainers and ASQ:SE Training of Trainers*

  • 1 day (ToT alone): $2500
  • 2 days (ToT alone**): $3500
  • 2 days (1-day ToT plus 1-day ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE Intro): $3500****
  • 3 days (2-day ToT plus 1-day ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE Intro): $5175****

*These fees are based on groups of 20 or fewer participants. Fees may vary for larger groups. Training of Trainers seminars are typically scheduled in conjunction with one of the introductory seminars above.
**Not typically offered
***Plus $85 per-participant materials fee
****Plus $110 per-participant materials fee


Combine this seminar with instruction in ASQ:SE so that participants will be prepared to assess young children for social and emotional difficulties as well. “Training of the Trainer” sessions are also available for participants interested in instructing others to use ASQ-3.

Let us know in advance if you have specific issues you’d like the seminar to cover, and, if possible, we’ll accommodate your requests!