Using ASQ:SE to Assess Young Children for Social-Emotional Difficulties

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About the seminar

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Elizabeth Twombly, M.S.; Suzanne Yockelson, Ph.D.; Barbara Little, R.N., M.P.H; Jantina Clifford, Ph.D.

Required book(s) or materials: At least 1 ASQ:SE Starter Kit for each office

Seminar length:
1 day or longer
(A one-day overview of the ASQ system is available for organizations considering this tool. No materials required.)

Number of participants:
10-30 (groups of up to 60 are permissible in some cases)

Who will benefit from this seminar:
Early intervention program staff, psychologists, behavior specialists, psychiatrists, social workers, community service centers, outreach programs, state child find programs, and pediatricians

ASQ:SE logoThe speakers introduce Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional (ASQ:SE) and show participants how to use this low-cost, reliable new tool to identify children 6–60 months old who are at risk for social or emotional difficulties.


This seminar typically encompasses

  • an introduction to assessment
  • the ins and outs of using ASQ:SE, from setting up a tickler system, administering the questionnaires, tracking results, and scoring the questionnaires, to communicating results to families and considering the options for following up after questionnaires have been scored
  • the role of parents in the ASQ:SE assessment process, including the validity of parent reporting and factors that affect parents’ responses so that participants can ensure that they obtain the most reliable information possible
  • specifics on how to interpret ASQ:SE scores and how to make referral and intervention decisions based on those scores
  • any implementation issues programs identify in advance of the seminar date

Speakers supplement their instruction with extended case studies, and they offer role-plays and hands-on activities that give participants experience using ASQ:SE before going out in the field to work with families.

Following this seminar, participants will be able toadminister and score ASQ:SE

  • interpret ASQ:SE findings and communicate the results with families
  • identify warning signs of social and emotional difficulties
  • identify resources for age-appropriate intervention strategies and activities to enhance social-emotional development
  • describe the process for referring children at-risk for social and emotional difficulties to appropriate agencies

Speaker Fees

What do speaker fees include?

ASQ:SE Intro

  • 1 day: $2500

ASQ:SE and ASQ-3 Intro

  • 1 day: $2500
  • 2 days: $3500

ASQ:SE Training of Trainers (ToT)*

  • 1 day (ToT alone): $2500 plus $85 per-participant materials fee
  • 2 days (1 day ASQ-3 Intro and 1 day ToT): $3500 plus $85 per-participant materials fee

ASQ:SE Training of Trainers and ASQ Training of Trainers*

  • 1 day (ToT alone): $2500 plus $110 per-participant materials fee
  • 2 days (ToT alone**): $3500 plus $110 per-participant materials fee
  • 2 days (1-day ToT plus 1-day ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE Intro) $3500 plus $110 per-participant materials fee
  • 3 days (2-day ToT plus 1-day ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE Intro): $5175 plus $110 per-participant materials fee

*These fees are based on groups of 20 or fewer participants. Fees may vary for larger groups. Training of Trainers seminars are typically scheduled in conjunction with one of the introductory seminars above.

**Not typically offered

Let us know in advance if you have specific issues you’d like the seminar to cover, and, if possible, we’ll accommodate your requests!

Combine this seminar with instruction in ASQ-3 so that participants will be prepared to screen young children for developmental delays as well. “Training of Trainers” sessions are also available for participants interested in instructing others to use ASQ: SE.