Introduction to ASQ:SE-2™ and SEAM™

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About the seminar

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Seminar length: 1 day (7 hours plus lunch and break)

Required materials: 1 ASQ:SE-2 Starter Kit present at the training. 1 SEAM, Research Edition is recommended per participant but a minimum of 1 SEAM, Research Edition per 2 participants is required.

Number of participants: Up to 75

Seminar fee: $2500

Speakers: Full list of ASQ & SEAM speakers

Speaker travel: Speaker’s travel expenses are in addition to seminar fees*

(Please add an additional fee of $750.00 if BOL is required to review or complete documentation (e.g., terms and conditions, agreements, contracts, purchase order, vendor registration form, addendum, etc.) in addition to or in lieu of BOL’s standard training agreement.)

Prices may vary by location.

*Speaker’s travel expenses are reimbursable to the speaker unless your organization and BOL have negotiated a “flat travel fee” for the speaker. Travel expenses will include transportation (including, but not limited to, airfare/car rental/cab fare/gas and mileage), lodging, meals, and related incidental expenses.

Training includes the new ASQ:SE-2™

The Introduction to ASQ:SE-2™ and SEAM™ is a 1-day training seminar that provides an overview on how to use both tools to screen and assess children’s social-emotional development.

During the 1-day seminar, participants will learn

  • how the ASQ:SE-2 and Social-Emotional Assessment/Evaluation Measure (SEAM) fit within the tiered-approach to intervention
  • the features of each tool
  • how to introduce, administer, and interpret results of each tool

Who will benefit from this seminar: New users, those who are considering adopting the tool(s) for use in their agency, and individuals or groups in need of a refresher

To inquire about arranging an on-site seminar, contact the BOL professional development coordinator at or 800-638-3775.

Training for the ASQ:SE first edition is still available if needed.