Using ITFI to Evaluate Young Children and Their Families

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Speaker: Nancy H. Apfel, Ed.M.

Required materials: An ITFI Manual and package of instruments for each participant

Seminar length: 1-2 days

Number of participants: 10-100

Who will benefit from this seminar: Home visitors and other service providers working with families of young children (6-36 months)

Speaker Fees:
1 day: $1800
2 days: $2600

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ITFI logoMs. Apfel teaches participants how to use the Infant-Toddler and Family Instrument (ITFI) to evaluate the developmental strengths and vulnerabilities of a young child (6-36 months) and how well the child’s family is managing the tasks of parenting. Developed by Nancy Apfel, Ed.M., and Sally Provence, M.D., as an easy-to-implement, cost-effective means of gathering and organizing observations on a home visit and in other settings, the ITFI lays the groundwork for developing an effective intervention plan.

Through role-play, case studies, demonstration, and hands-on examination of the instrument, participants will enhance their observational skills and learn how to maximize their use of the ITFI’s three components (caregiver interview, developmental map, and concerns checklist).

Participants will learn how to

  • conduct a nonjudgmental, culturally sensitive, and conversational interview with parents to capture observations of the family’s daily routines, caregiver-child interactions, child care arrangements, family issues and support, and the child’s health and safety
  • engage the child in clearly-explained activities and organize their observations with the ITFI’s developmental map to determine whether the child is at, above, or below age-level in four developmental areas: gross and fine motor, social and emotional, language, and coping and self-help
  • rate their concerns about the child and the family with the ITFI’s extensive checklist of family and child concerns to pinpoint issues that may compromise a child’s healthy growth and development
  • evaluate their findings and use them to develop an effective intervention plan to move forward with families

Please note: Nancy Apfel is primarily available in the New England area. However, if you’re located in another part of the U.S., please don’t hesitate to inquire about her availability.


This seminar also demonstrates how ITFI translates current research on early child development and family life into practice, and participants will have the benefit of hearing the results of evaluations of the ITFI conducted during the fall of 2001 by family service providers and parents from several states and a variety of programs.

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