Administering, Scoring and Interpreting the New Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills™ (TILLS™) for School-Age Children

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About the seminar

Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills™ (TILLS™)

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Speakers: Michele Anderson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and/or Nickola W. Nelson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Required materials: TILLS Examiner’s Kit (1 per organization), Examiner Record Forms (1 per participant), Examiner’s Practice Workbooks (1 per participant), Stimulus Books (1 for every 5 participants), Student Response Forms (1 for every 5 participants)

Recommended materials: It would be helpful if every participant had 1 each of the TILLS Examiner’s Manual, Examiner Record Form, Stimulus Book, Examiner’s Practice Workbook, Student Response Form, and Student Language Scale

Seminar length: 1 or 2 days

Number of participants: up to 45

Speaker Fees:
1 day: $3500
2 days: $5800

What do speaker fees include?

Please add an additional fee of $750.00 if BOL is required to review or complete documentation (e.g., terms and conditions, agreements, contracts, purchase order, vendor registration form, addendum, etc.) in addition to or in lieu of BOL’s standard training agreement.

Prices may vary by location.

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In our 1-day seminar, participants will receive step-by-step training in administration of the 15 subtests of the TILLS plus up to 2 additional modules offered from a variety of topics found in the listing below.

Emphasis will be on increasing fidelity as well as helpful hints to decrease time needed to administer and score. In addition, guided practice with administering and scoring will be provided as will discussions related to interpreting the TILLS for the purpose of identifying language/literacy disorders.

For a complete 1-Day Seminar, please select 2 of the following modules to round out the 1-Day seminar; 4-6 modules should be selected for a complete 2-day seminar:

  • More in-depth exploration of student profiles (e.g., dyslexia)
  • Going from the TILLS profile to intervention decisions
  • Use of the TILLS in tracking student changes over time or for district-wide use
  • More detailed discussion on the theoretical quadrant model, psychometric properties of the TILLS or uses for research
  • Use of the TILLS with special populations such as students with autism spectrum disorders, bilateral hearing impairment, or mild intellectual disability
  • Use of the Student Language Scale to gather multiple perspectives from teachers, parents, students or others regarding student academic performance required to meet IDEA