Suzanne Yockelson, Ph.D.

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Suzanne Yockelson, Ph.D.Dr. Suzanne Yockelson earned her doctorate in Early Intervention at the University of Oregon in 1999 and stayed to teach undergraduate and graduate students in the Educational Studies major until 2007. Between 2007 and 2011, Dr. Yockelson taught pediatricians, family practitioners, residents, and medical students about the importance of early identification and referral for developmental and mental health concerns, and assisted with systems development for routine developmental screening.

As a co-author of the ASQ:SE-2 and co-developer of the training materials for the ASQ:SE-2 and ASQ-3, she consults with various local and state programs on using the Ages & Stages system for developmental and behavioral screening of infants and young children.

Dr. Yockelson’s research interests include the social and emotional development of infants and young children, inclusion, and parent education. Currently, Dr. Yockelson is Assistant Professor of Special Education at Brandman University in California.