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Tool name

Number Sense Screener™ (NSS™) Set, K–1, Research Edition

Use to evaluate

Counting skills, number recognition, number comparisons, nonverbal calculation, story problems, and number combinations

Age range


Completed by

NSS can be easily completed and scored by a teacher, a learning specialist, or a school psychologist

Time commitment

About 15 minutes per child, and about 5 minutes to score

Are you catching math struggles early enough?

Number sense is a key indicator of future math success—and now there’s a quick, reliable, and affordable way to screen early numerical competencies in Grades K–1 and identify students at risk for later math struggles.


A research-based tool that requires no extra training, Number Sense Screener™ (NSS™) K–1 gives you the critical information you need to:

  • catch at-risk students early
  • predict mathematic achievement through at least third grade
  • start planning effective, targeted interventions
  • monitor progress and identify where students need more support
  • meet national and state standards, including Common Core State Standards in Kindergarten and NCTM Standards and Focal Points


What You'll Need


Number Sense Screener™ (NSS™) Set, K–1, Research Edition


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User's Guide

Stimulus Book

Quick Script

Pack of 25 Record Sheets

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Q&A on NSS

Q. What do the scores tell us?

A. Subarea raw scores can be used to design appropriate interventions for children who struggle in a specific area. The total raw score, together with the percentile rank, can be used for overall screening and progress monitoring.

Q. Which scores are provided?

A. 6 subarea raw scores, total raw score, total standard score, total percentile rank.

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