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The challenges you face are a constantly moving target as mandates, funding, and personnel change. As you try to keep up with an ever-shifting landscape, we’ll be right there with you, providing resources to help you address your day-to-day challenges and find answers to the questions that keep you up at night.

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The Project Approach for All Learners Video Content

In-service and preservice teachers often receive training in a curricular approach without considering how they might actually integrate it into their own setting. The video package included with The Project Approach for All Learners shows real teachers in their classrooms, modeling the book’s key strategies. View the handout for a full list of video content included in the online materials.

MTSS: About the Videos

This flyer explains what each of the six MTSS videos are about and how they relate to the implementation of MTSS in the program.

TPITOS Webinar

This free 45-minute webinar, hosted by the developers of the TPITOS program, will cover the relationship between the Pyramid Model, TPITOS, and TPOT as well as explore the unique features and functions of the TPITOS program. A live-during-recording Q&A will be hosted by the developers after the webinar.

Introduction to the Assessment of Story Comprehension

Read this excerpt from Assessment of Story Comprehension, Manual for an overview of how this tool helps educators to assess, monitor, and track the progression of preschool children's story comprehension skills.

Getting Started With the Project Approach

Read this excerpt from The Project Approach for All Learners: A Hands-On Guide for Inclusive Early Childhood Classrooms for an overview of the approach, including an examination of the evidence base of its historical roots. This chapter also examines the potential of the Project Approach as a context for universal design for learning.