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Strong Kids Curricula

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Teach social-emotional competence—the foundation of school and social success—with the NEW editions of the Strong Kids™ curricula! Strong Kids is the fun and easy way to help your students develop the social-emotional skills they need to manage their challenges and succeed in school and life.

Each evidence-based, age-appropriate curriculum is:

  • Low cost and low tech
  • Proven to help increase students’ knowledge of healthy behavior
  • Easy to implement with no training required
  • Brief enough to use with any program

How it Works

Through engaging, thought-provoking classroom activities, students explore their feelings and learn social-emotional skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives: managing anger, reducing stress, solving interpersonal problems, and much more. Each curriculum runs for 10-12 weeks, and lessons are easy to fit into your existing schedule (especially with the new options for breaking them into smaller chunks).Partially scripted lessons, handouts, and worksheets are includ­ed—all photocopiable and available as downloads—so teachers have everything they need to implement the program with little added cost or preparation.

“Very effective in targeting the development of emotional understanding and regulation.” —Margaret O’Hearn-Curran, Principal, Johnny Appleseed School; Adjunct Faculty, Fitchburg State College

What’s New

The new editions include user-requested updates:

  • Crosswalk of Strong Kids lessons with five key social-emotional learning objectives
  • Time-saving options for chunking the lessons into smaller pieces
  • Guidance on how to use Strong Kids within an RTI/multi-tiered system of support framework
  • Instructor reflection sections that help educators with lesson prepa­ration and student observation
  • Mindfulness-based activities that help students focus
  • Extension activities that reinforce skills as students practice what they learn
  • Fidelity checklists to help guide you through successful implemen­tation of Strong Kids

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Want to learn more about the Strong Kids programs? Visit the companion website to read more about the SEL framework and get details on these updated editions!

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