Using the Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation (ELLCO) Tool

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Speakers: Louisa Anastasopolous, M.P.P.; Jill Aviles, M.A.; Sharon Browne; Mellie Bukovsky-Reyes; Jana Crosby, M.Ed.; Caroline Davis; Doris Edwards; Francine Foster, M.A.; Maria Gallagher, M.Ed.; DeVonne Lampkin, M.Ed.; Pam Laning, M.A.; Nancy W. Lovett, Ph.D.; Mary Lu Love; Bridget McGee, M.P.A.; Suzanne Page, M.A.T.; Kathy Ward-Cameron, M.S.; Terry Wasovich, M.A.; Sheryl Wennermark, M.A.; Patty Whitelaw, M.S.

Required materials: ELLCO Pre-K User’s Guide and one ELLCO Pre-K Tool per participant

Seminar length: 1 day (longer seminar may also be available)

Number of participants: 5-20

Who will benefit from this seminar: Pre-kindergarten teachers, supervisors, and program staff, as well as researchers

Speaker Fees:
1 day: $2500

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(Please add an additional fee of $750.00 if BOL is required to review or complete documentation (e.g., terms and conditions, agreements, contracts, purchase order, vendor registration form, addendum, etc.) in addition to or in lieu of BOL’s standard training agreement.)

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Create classrooms in which children’s early literacy flourishes!

ELLCO logoThis seminar serves as an overview of the Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation (ELLCO) Tool. Participants learn how to use the ELLCO Tool to identify the practices and environmental supports that can nourish children’s early literacy and language development in early childhood classrooms. They also learn how to use the tool as a catalyst for discussion among co-workers and in selecting instructional practices and strategies that help improve student performance. Participants have the opportunity to practice using the ELLCO to analyze videos and scenarios. This seminar is approximately 6 hours long.

Interested in a longer ELLCO seminar? The Education Development Center (EDC) offers a three-day seminar in which participants practice observing classrooms and interviewing teachers. Participants then review and assess the observations and interviews. Working in small groups, and guided by instructors, they analyze their group’s inter-rater reliability in administering the ELLCO. At the end of the session, participants receive a report that summarizes their group’s inter-rater reliability.

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